Thursday, November 8, 2012

Interview: Producer Jared Jones On Manila Luzon and Latrice Royale's "The Chop"

I keep telling myself that I won't overload my site with RuPaul's Drag Race posts, but how can I resist talking about Manila? Sure, she may have gone home, and yes, I have next to no reason to continue watching the season, but who the hell cares? She's released a new song! Thanks to my relentless social-media whoring, I've finally made a few connections, and what do you know -- My friend Jared Jones, the famed Drag Race Remix King, dropped by to give me the scoop on "The Chop".

You already have impressive RuPaul's Drag Race credentials. What made this track stand out from all the mixes you've already done?

 One of the main reasons this track stand out is because I'm the producer. It's my first time producing a track for another artist and not just remixing a track that another artist/producer has completed previously. It also features two of my favorite, and in my opinion, best contestants to grace the Drag Race stage.

Latrice and Manila are my favorites, too! What was it like working so closely with Latrila?

With the miracle of technology I actually never stepped foot inside a studio with either Manila or Latrice. Their vocals were recorded in New York and Florida and then sent shipped to me to sprinkle with glitter and make it shine! I have had several phone conversations with Manila, and she is a doll! Always nice, polite, and funny. I haven't had the opportunity to speak with Latrice, however I get the feeling is like the Oprah of drag.

Speaking of having to ship out the track, I heard it had a a crazy production schedule. What's the story behind it being finished the day before the shoot?

It was down to the wire! We recorded the intro conversation the day before the video shoot. Their schedules are very busy and everything had to align just perfect for us to pull this off.  Thankfully we were able to make it work!

I absolutely love the video! It was so hot -- In more ways than one. Why weren't you featured in the video as one of the dancer boys?

Gurl! I got "The Chop"! [Laughs] But seriously, I will leave that to professionals.

What was your source of inspiration behind the production of the song?

We all wanted the track to feel upbeat, positive and most of all we wanted it to make people dance. I felt it was about turning around a negative [Latrila getting booted from the show] and making it a positive.

How did you keep Latrila sashaying away a secret? It must have been really hard!

I actually didn't know. Per the contracts Manila and Latrice have with the show they are unable to comment on such spoilers. I had a pretty good idea that the track was going to be used for when they were eliminated from the show, but I had no clue when that was going to happen.

Any other special tracks you got coming up?

Currently we're prepping the remixes for "The Chop"; I have a few other remixes in the works. I really would like to focus on release some of my original tracks in the near future as well, I have some really great stuff in the vaults!

Surely he knows I'm destined to be a star in all forms. "The Chop" is already becoming an online sensation, rising on the dance charts. Support you favorite All-Stars by buying the song on iTunes. Also check out the sickening video below.

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  1. I am impatiently waiting for the remixes of The Chop hehe. Nice interview! Glad to finally hear the side of Jared :D