Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sorry I Missed It: Vinyl Floor "Peninsula"

I absolutely love it when bands email me. Sometimes they are not so good, other times they are amazing. Luckily for me, when contacted by Vinyl Floor, I found out quickly that they are very put together. This being their second release, the trio from Denmark are ready to make a splash. I truly am sorry I missed this one! From February of this year, I give you "Peninsula".

I have a thing for bands from Denmark. Hell, two of my favorites are from there, and I think I may have another top group from the country. It's like they breed their people to be musicians or something. The opening track, "Frames and Orchids" is a perfect example of an intro track. It is as long as any other song on the album, but it serves as a sort of overture, getting you introduced to the light and airy feel of the group.

"Ghost of England" gets you introduced to Thomas's unique way of singing. It reminds me of the group Black Kids, in that it's not a traditionally pitch perfect sounding voice, but it really works with the groups sound. The song dips into the world of Ska, having trumpets playing along, while not being the focus of the entire work.

My favorite track is held up at the front of the album. "What Lies Ahead" is a more upbeat song that reminds me heavily of grunge bands from days past. The entire song serves as a portal to the best of what the 90's had to offer. The song changes key a few times, keeping my interest, and having me sing along. The songs lyrics are addicting, reminding everybody that no one can say what is going to happen, and that "Tomorrow's just another day to live."

Four tracks on the album, including "Ghost of England" were tracks from the EP by the same name, released over a year ago in October of 2011. I'm not positive if the tracks were written at a different time, but they definitely sound different from the rest of the album, making it clear where the newer, fresher tracks are. Both "Car In The Sky" and "Written In The Cards" are slower tracks. The latter is a very touching low-key track showcasing the ever intriguing voice of their lead singer.

The final song taken from the EP, "Force You Through" is different from the rest in that it is a much harder rock track, adding in a faster pace. The higher energy lends itself to the meaning behind the track, of breaking all the rules that society puts on you, and the pain these rules cause to everyone.

Towards the end things definitely take a slower turn, but the track "Dumbfounded" really brings the spirits back up. The entire song, departing from traditional songwriting, is an epic tale of the ups and downs of a single mans life, as he sinks down to be nothing but a beggar.

"Peninsula" has an abundance of slower songs as opposed to higher energy tracks. Usually I don't go for the slower songs, but the guitars and piano are always perfect, and his voice is so hypnotic that I get enthralled in each song on the album, creating an experience from start to finish.

Lucky for us in the states, the album, along with all of the group's discography, is available on iTunes for purchase. Preview and buy your copy of "Peninsula" today!

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